Wednesday, January 15, 2014

American Political Parties Seriously Need Reform

     It's fairly obvious that in America, since it's beginning, there are two political parties that essentially run the country. There are the left-winged democrats (or liberals) and the right-winged republicans (or conservatives). These parties have been around since nearly the beginning of America, however, they were called other names. Point being, these are the political parties that run our country. Each of these groups have a particular and generally agreed upon ideas of how the government should be run, and how we should treat people those around us (in terms of rights). Generally, those who are liberal believe the government should be a larger part of the american life, and all people deserve equal rights. As a conservative, the beliefs are that the government should act as more of farther away friend who doesn't interfere often in the American life. Conservatives have also tended to not necessarily worry, so to speak, about the rights of all people. There are ideas from each of these political parties that I love, but I am not an Independent (because personally, I don't believe being an independent accomplishes much). My problem is when people ask me what my political party is.

     Most people, when they ask what political party I am, expect me to say conservative or liberal, and have the idea that I believe in all of the ideas of one of those parties. My answer, as of lately, is that I am conservative in government and liberal in views. I think that the government is a fantastic, and extremely necessary, part of America, but I do not believe the government should be a part of our everyday lives. I also think that all humans deserve equal treatment (and I'm talking about whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, every race of person). What I don't like saying, though, is that "I am conservative in government and liberal in views" because for one thing, that's quite a mouthful, and for another thing, it usually requires further explanation. What I believe is that these two things, government and views, should be separated into two different identities. But that would probably never happen.

     If this were to happen, then that would mean that, let's say, those who believe in large government would be called democrats (or liberals), and those who believed in small government would be called republicans (or conservatives). And that would be politics. That would be government. That's it. Now for those who believe in equal rights for all, would go under the name, for now we'll call Larries. Those who don't necessarily believe all races should follow the same laws would be called, let's say, Carls. So, in this world, if someone was asked about their political views, one could say, "Oh, I'm a Conservative and a Larry" or "I'm a Democrat, but a Carl." If this were to happen, a couple of things would change. The stigma put on current political parties that if one is a part of a political party, they believe a certain something about the rights of people. Next, it would be so much easier to organize exactly what kind of person our political leaders are. This would, in turn, make deciding who you want to vote for, for any political position much easier.

That's all for now, folks.